Super Tramp Sets Sail!

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Britney officially bypassed her usual trainwreck’d state of being to give shipwreck’d a whirl. Yippeeeeee!
She called a paparazzi photographer (aka: her LIFELINE… I believe she was actually apologizing to the paps just a few weeks ago) a big, fat pussy (or something to that effect).
Watch it for yourself.

Here are some fabulous photo highlights:
(Click on her nasty pits at your own risk!)

Please note: she appears to be posing for the paparazzi in the first thumbnail (on the dock). Sorry – posing for the “pussies”.


Paula Abdul: There Are No Words

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Paula got fired from the BRATZ movie. What the hell was she doing on a movie in the first place? Choreographing? Judging? WHAT DOES SHE EVEN DO ANYMORE?
1) She cries.
2) She pulls the “WHY, GOD? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?” card.
3) She cries some more.

4) She checks her mobile device.
5) She tries to “solve mysteries”.
6) She cries some more.
7) She yells at her “people”.

I will admit… it would be devastating to be kicked off of the one movie that may actually be beneath the bi-polar trainwreck we call “Paula Abdul” – even if you weren’t Paula Abdul herself.

Whatevs. The movie got made without her and now the fucking moron is PUBLICIZING it:

Good move, jackass.

Box Office Estimates

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If you care, here are the estimates (in millions, of course) for the weekend:

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry: 28.5 (NRG) 30 (Mktcast) 25 (OTX)

Hairspray: 20.25 (NRG) 27 (Mktcast) 29 (OTX)

Equally terrifying, both films provide further evidence of our Devolution as a species.

Here are the actuals:
Chuck and Larry: $34,775,000
Hairspray: $27,800,000
Look to Mktcast in the future. They were pretty damn close.


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That’s right… the wait for David Beckham is OVER! And guess what…?

…Nobody seems to care enough to actually buy tickets. Hence, The Galaxy is now begging you to buy tickets:


Fuck Times Courier Font!

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I had been ignoring Courtney Love’s recent incoherent rant on myspace… for so very many reasons:
1) Get a real blog, Celebrity Peoples. It’s not hard (clearly).
2) Why are these “celebrity peoples” always taunting other “celebrity types” on the world’s most pedestrian “social networking site”?
3) Are they actually hoping to get “phished”? ‘Cause that’s generally what happens. And that means their 70,000 “Friends” are gonna get cellphone ringtone spamcomments. At the very least, their “Top 24” will.

    I digress…

The main reason is: Courtney Love + any form of “communication” = Mass Confusion.

However, the only properly spelled words in the post, “TIMES COURIER FONT” jumped out at me this morning and I felt the need to relay the rest of Courtney’s “words of wisdom”. They have something to do with Gwen Stefani, something to do with a Sportsac, a lot to do with fonts and, of course, massive quantities of drugs. The rest is up to you… maybe it’s a code? So Dark The Con Of Man? That sort of thing?

we were doing our hair( thew girls) way up in that ugly crazy building and couyld seeyou all for blocks, it was wild-= i told my peeps top go get bvoys wiuth skateboards and giurls whow ere into stefani, no offense to truyew fans i just felt like a challenge- if someone sreally into stefani to me that says they dontw anta nty trouble in thoe rlives, want very mucbh to be p[opular abnd accepted, wnatto be trendy but niot dangerous, and the idea of forcin gthat waznna be popular girl to face the fear cdoes somethin for me./plus im startinga clotyhing line this year too, just higher end and the lowerr end wont be about a font. i wouldbnt do that iu fond that crass somehow= a sportsac ten times the prio ce because it has ther same cuddle bear sweeetoe pie sign off that Rossdale used to sign hios letters to me with in a Times Courier font ? maybve its me, i know perfeume has a 800 -1200% profit markup so if one “brands” oneself well enough one can cash it in big an d hard by selling a perfume wethe rone gioves a shot about the smell opr not- kudos to madge for forgoinmg that , because nop way hads she not been asked. L.A.M.B. heh, well look its not fo rme to judge- im far mior eonteretsed in amazin g lingerie enyways and if i design a bag itll be fabulous

I Have Never Read A Harry Potter Book.

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I did attempt to read The Chamber Of Secrets once, but I found it dense, and full of words, and papery. It was less like a “movie” and more like a “book”.

If I did read Harry Potter books, I would hide them in DIY Book Jackets from THIS site.


Here are a few of my favorites:

Go HERE to see the full collection.

Rihanna: Don’t Stop The Music

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I don’t really care but, I thought you might: