1A) Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks:

1B) Sunny Afternoon is the inspiration for the following song you may have heard (listen to the “Windmill, Windmill” bits), which is further evidence of The Kinks‘ superiority:

2) I also love making movies. I do this for a living… from time to time. Because there was a Kinks‘ tee in the background of a DVD feature I produced for a movie I produced, I just got cc’d on an email from DAVE DAVIES! And along with his permission to use his t-shirted “likeness”, he sent a link:

2A) I shit you not. Watch it.

3) Sorry this ain’t a post about Britney flashing her crotch, or Jake Gyllenhaal acting like a douchebag, or Robbie Williams playing soccer
I’m quite excited about having a hero’s email address. And it’s my blog so, sue me if you don’t like it. Or go check out Perez’s trash.

Me… I’ll be right here, watching the following:

(Dave Davies’ brother, Ray performing with Damon Albarn)

I used to wonder where Dave was…

Now I know.

~ by reverendsupreme on July 20, 2007.

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