Liveblogging: Some Supertramp Dude @ The Concert For Diana

Supertramp dude: There are no words. You are screaming and I am laughing.
This is truly awful. You look like you came from a booth at the Renaissance Fair. Just you and your Casio. The Princes are planted in their seats.
They look baffled… “Harry, did you invite Supertramp Dude?”
“Nah, Wills… no fucking way.”

OK – I’m pretty sure Supertramp Dude is singing a song HE JUST SANG (see above), but he’s moved from Casio to acoustic guitar… to sing it all over again.
Maybe he explained this bold choice. I’m not sure. I was Liveblogging.
The people don’t seeem to mind.

Another “Diana And Me”
Did anyone in England NOT spend a day with Diana during her lifetime?


~ by reverendsupreme on July 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Liveblogging: Some Supertramp Dude @ The Concert For Diana”

  1. Roger Hodgeson left Supertramp in 1983 (and took most of their really good songs with him). I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about really. I mean Hodgeson’s voice is pretty well preserved. I mean he’s in his late 50’s and singing songs I originally recorded in his 20’s. I mean he’s perfectly on key…and almost perfectly on pitch too. He just wavers a trifle bit in the really really high parts.

  2. Hoo boy. He’s getting old eh? The Stones have this advantage – they never sung in key, in the first place. Roger just can’t hit the highs anymore, I guess. But I hope I can sing that good when I get that old.

  3. […] Y’all! It’s A Super Tramp Round-Up! No, I am not referring to the band, Supertramp. I am referring to America’s Reigning White Trash Whore Beast Fucktard Batshit Insane Moron […]

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