Liveblogging: P. Diddy @ The Concert For Diana

Jamie Oliver (the “cute” chef, right?) is explaining Center Point (Centre Pointe?), Prince William’s charity. I’ll find a link.
He is also introducing P. Diddy, who is going to have to WORK HIS ASS OFF to outshine Kanye.

Well, Diddy has smoke effects. That always helps. And a lady orchestra. A BIGGER lady orchestra than Kanye.
Of course… he’s singing “I’ll Be Missing You.” I want to slap him. He’s a fucking tool. They interviewed him about DIana earlier and he talked about her fashion sense.

This is pathetic. The song is about BIGGIE. He just keeps changing Him to Her and His to Hers.

I swear to Christ… if you could hear the shit flying out of his mouth.
Yeah, Diddy… you remember “shopping for clothes and kicks” with Diana.

I can’t even type the bullshit he’s yelling to the crowd. He just gave a “shout-out” to Prince William and Prince Harry.
He has no shame.


~ by reverendsupreme on July 1, 2007.

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