Liveblogging: Elton John @ The Concert For Diana

And in the middle of the montage, they abruptly CUT and Elton appeared.
Someone’s gonna get an ass-whupping for whatever just happened.
Ricky Gervais will be delivering said whupping.

I gotta be honest – if I NEVER saw Elton John again, I’d be alright. I would survive.

Oh God – British people playing air piano. Something I never needed to see. Ever. He’s singing a song that I can only assume is called SATURDAY, as he keeps yelling SATURDAY! over and over again. Here comes “Tiny Dancer”
Tim McGraw covered “Tiny Dancer.” Why do I keep that information stored in my head? WOW! A lot of people have covered “Tiny Dancer”
Dave Grohl:

Ben Folds:

I have no idea what Elton is singing now. I know he’s READY FOR LOVE. I’ll just assume that’s the song’s title.

I’m kinda bored. Really bored, actually.
Just in time – The Princes arrive onstage. They still refuse to use the teleprompters. They’re reading from their palms again.


~ by reverendsupreme on July 1, 2007.

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