Liveblogging: Duran Duran @ The Concert For Diana

Elton John opened… yeah, yeah. He introduced the Princes.

They do not have telepromters. They are reading from their palms.
The Princes need a drink.
Teleprompters? Anybody?
They’re introducing Duran Duran.

Why is Duran Duran singing a song I’ve never heard before?

Who did John Taylor’s hair? He looks WRECKED.
HAHAHAHAHA… Simon just dedicated WILD BOYS to the future King of England.
He’s a fucking prophet.
And now, people are excited.

GODDAYUM! John Taylor looks awful – wasn’t he the hot one?
Simon LeBon has the prettiest earmonitors I’ve ever seen.

Know what this show needs?

Simon, aren’t all the songs dedicated to Diana? I guess this one is extra special.
RIO? That’s fucking awesome. He dedicated the “Cherry Ice Cream Smile” song
to Diana:

Who is James Morrison?
He only gets to sing one song.

Moving on… to prerecorded “Diana And Me” moments.
Someone just claimed that Diana’s presence cured more ailments than modern medicine.

Sienna Miller and Dennis Hopper?
Please do not sing.
Oh… they’re introducing LILY ALLEN.
Wow… she is waaaay superior to that Methwhore, Amy Winehouse.
I should stop ignoring Lily Allen.


~ by reverendsupreme on July 1, 2007.

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