Note To Mariah

Mariah Carey / Mimi / Butterfly / Whatever…
This “Poor Man’s Beyonce” thing you got goin’ on is old, tired, and sad. Move on.



~ by reverendsupreme on June 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Note To Mariah”

  1. Reverend WHO, now????? Chile, your pointless insults are what’s so damn “old, tired & sad”. Even if your nonsense WAS informed and genuine (which it’s obviously NOT), the fact it’s taken you SO freaking long to come with your weak-ass hate, you must’ve wound your little ‘Pacman’ PC up & fed it your unoriginal droll, after waiting on that carrier pigeon to deliver your headlines…

    How IDIOTIC do you have to be to keep this dumb comment in circulation when anyone with HALF a braincell to spare knows good’n’well Beyonce made herself over in MARIAH’s image LONG ago?!? Did you not hear for yourself the first 20 MILLION times she gushed about emulating Mariah in every way possible?

    You’re long overdue for taking your own advice mate, so pay dedicated attention:

    “This ‘Poor Man’s Hatoration’ you got going on is OLD, TIRED and SAD.” If you can’t come up with justifiable, unbiased critique, untempered by tangible mediocrity, then seriously, for the good of one and all, will you just remain SILENT. Your sorry ass is ALMOST as pathetic as Marshall Used-To-Matter with this foolishness. Why don’t YOU give it a try your damn self & “MOVE ON ALREADY…” You insipid little dickwad…

  2. Testify. Let it all out. Get it off your chest. Don’t hold back.

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