Is It Possible To Revoke Britney Spears’ Fame?

It pains me to post this but, as I have said before I both despise and revel in the downfall of this truck stop whore.

Would anyone with a modicum of class, decency and 2 kids step out of a dressing room topless, titties hanging out? No, of course not! But, Brit has no class or decency, though she does have 2 kids – which may explain the downward pointing nipples…



If I ever had the misfortune to see her naked in real life, I would surely puke all over her vagina.


Don’t stop reading!

This is Britney Spears… you think she would only do one disgusting, embarrassing thing per day?

Of course not!!!

Please to enjoy her superb taste in clothing:

hotness defined

You stay classy, Britney Spears…

Oh, Jesus Christ… Carl’s Junior?


~ by reverendsupreme on June 26, 2007.

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