This Is Just Awful.

Six Flags and Cedar Fair shut down eight more thrill rides around North America today after a teenage girl’s feet were sliced off during a ride in Kentucky.

The Superman Tower of Power ride lifts passengers 177 feet straight up, then drops them nearly the same distance at speeds reaching 54 mph.

“A cable broke loose on the ride, striking the girl in the legs,” said Bill Clary, a spokesman for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, which inspects amusement park rides. Clary said inspectors do not know what caused the cable to break.

“We saw the cable just snap,” a witness said. “And as it was coming down, it snapped again and then the people on the ride came and just hit the ground. When I went up there, the lady she was just sitting there and she didn’t have any legs. She didn’t have any legs at all. She was just calm, probably in shock for everything.”

Six Flags shut down similar rides at parks in St Louis; Gurnee, Illinois; and near Washington as a safety precaution.

Thoughts, prayers, wishes…. my heart goes out to that girl.

** UPDATE (FROM CNN) **A girl’s feet were cut off Thursday when a free-fall thrill ride malfunctioned at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park in Louisville, Kentucky, police said.A cord wrapped around the 16-year-old’s feet and severed them at her ankles while she was on the “Superman Tower of Power,” a police dispatcher said. The girl was taken to a local hospital. An unidentified witness told CNN affiliate WLKY she saw a cable on the ride snap. The people on the ride just came and hit the ground,” she said. “When I got up there, the lady she was just sitting there, and she didn’t have no legs. … And she was just there, calm, probably in shock from everything.
That could have been all of us — riding that ride,” witness Whitney Sandfer told CNN affiliate WDRB/WMYO.
The incident took place shortly before 5 p.m. ET, according to Six Flags spokeswoman Wendy Goldberg. The park remained open, but the ride in question was shut down and will remain so until the full investigation is complete, Goldberg said.
“I seen the car go up. Then, like, the cable broke, I heard — pwchh — and I heard a lot of people screaming,” Chris Stinnett, who was at a ride next to the Superman Tower of Power, told WDRB/WMYO. “The cable went under the car — and I seen it pull up and hit a lot of people — and I seen them bring their legs up,” Stinnett said.


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