Seriously… Do Not Look At Jake Gyllenhaal.

It’s an invasion of his precious, handsome privacy.

Don’t watch this fun fanclip:

You certainly should NOT visit fansites dedicated to him because looking at him is NOT OK. It’s rude.

So sayeth Team Gyllenhaal.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 23, 2007.

21 Responses to “Seriously… Do Not Look At Jake Gyllenhaal.”

  1. sorry but I see nothing wrong in wanting to eat dinner without some silly person staring at me. Get a grip.

  2. Apology accepted. Thanks.

  3. If he doesn’t want to be stared at he should get takeout or have delivery or reserve a private dining room somewhere.

  4. Jake should be lucky anyone would want to look at him,He’s quite homely actually.

    He’s quite an asshole and no one would want to **** him.

  5. reverend supreme, was jake with a woman or a man at that restaurant? Maybe he was just being touchy because he was with him/her?

  6. Ashley – Initially, I was thinking he should be a *tad* kinder to his “fans.”
    However, given the naive and venomous response his “fans” have unleashed upon this site… I’m inching towards your POV.

    Rachel – For sure.

  7. reverendsupreme, you and your ‘friend’ Ashley are the only venomous ones. What a asshole you are. Get a better date. And a better story, since JG was in NY last week so looks like you made up the whole thing.

  8. Get a better life.

  9. Dude, the fangirls have invaded your space. They don’t allow anyone to ever say anything negative about Jake G. He’s perfect. He is holy. When he walks rose blooms spring at his feet. Whatever, he’s a person too. He should have handled that better.

  10. hejust should stay at home, if he want to be alone. a restaurant is a puplic place,he´s a celebrity and regocniced.

  11. I agree, if he doesn’t want to be stared at he should stay at home. I’m sorry but the guy handeled this all wrong. He is a celeb and while i agree that being famous doesn’t make him public property he should know that he can’t only enjoy the perks that come with the celebrity but also suffer the consequences. If it’s true that the woman only sneeked a peek now and then then he was acting like a diva, i mean come on he could’ve just ignored her. JMO

  12. […] Seriously… Do Not Look At Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s an invasion of his precious, handsome privacy. Don’t watch this fun fanclip: [YouTube] You […] […]

  13. I have never been a devotee of Jakie G’s “work”. As far as I’m concerned, his biggest fans are all made by GE.

    Not sure what the brew-ha-ha is around this man whose talent and very essence is–in my opinion–as ambiguous as it gets.

    While he didn’t completely suck in “Zodiac”, it wasn’t award caliber, either. ANd hardly enough to have saved that eight hour sucker. I’m sorry…not a fan. This is one time “I wish he could quit us”.

    Brokeback…bareback??? Just a simple misspelling I fear in Jake’s case.

    Enjoyed the post,

  14. Seems you are only letting posts in by people who don’t like Jake and agree with you. Whatever, you are the douche and so are a lot of the posters here.

    Laurie, your Brokeback joke is pathetic and old.

  15. 1) I have approved every single comment… positive or negative. Learn to read, fucktard.

    2) Your name is Bullshit. Your email addy is Bullshit. I can only assume you are Bullshit.

    3) Your obsession with Jake Gyllenhaal is pathetic.

  16. No you are the fucktard, asshole. I sent in a comment before the one at 1:34 and no you didn’t post it. My obsession with Jake, please. You are the one who wrote a whole dramatic post about him being a douchebag at a restaurant and people are just supposed to believe you. Give me a break.

  17. BS:

    I have a fucking blog, writing about this shit is what I do…what do you do with your precious time? Jerk off dogs? Go around and look for people that are talking shit about this cocksucker Jake?

    Good use of your time.

    People like you are fucking sheep. Why the obsession with Jake? Is he related? Do you want to put it in his butt?

    Why defend someone you have never met, will likely never meet and if you ever did meet him chances are he’d be more likely to spit on you than he would be to talk to you…but you wouldn’t be offended would you? Chances are you’d defend him in that case too – saying that he wanted to give you a personal souvenir.

    In short, my blog, I write what I want.

    Don’t like it?

    You are welcome to gently take my testicles in your mouth and gargle with them.

    Thank you.

  18. If he wasn’t a celebrity, no one would look twice at him.

  19. Gosh, why do I almost feel guilty pleasure in having found this delightfully busy spot! And the way my face hurts, too!!! Obviously you’d have to expect to gather lots of BS from Jake’s fans and the right-to-be-pretty=rich crowd, so now I have to decide if I have time to even keep up with this. I’d like to see that testicle thing happening too (not as a prefered entertainment choice, but just to see BS try to get any sort of identity or personality or character of his/her own going, somehow!) since I have seen sheep do this very thing, at times, like you’ve suggested they will, and do, so willingly.

    Thanks for the excellent post, and blog, and attitude. Okay, that’s just my stupid, opinionated view, is all.

  20. what nonsense is this by the way………….???????

  21. “People like you are fucking sheep. Why the obsession with Jake?”

    Look who’s talking!

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