Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Douchebag

A lovely couple dined at Jar Restaurant in Beverly Hills last week (depending on where you are. It was THURSDAY, June 21st, 2007… in LOS ANGELES).
Guess who else was dining there?
OMG! You’re right! It was Jake Gyllenhaal!

What a pleasant surprise! The female half of the lovely couple was so pleasantly surprised that she kept sneaking peeks at Jake from time to time.
Who can blame her… he’s a handsome dude. “Eye-candy” …or so I’m told.

Here’s where the douchbaggery comes in… Jake calls his waitress over and whispers something to her. Moments later, the Maitre D’ of Jar appears at the table of the lovely couple and says,

    Mr. Gyllenhaal would like it if you would stop staring at him.”

That poor woman looked like she had been slapped.
She got tattled on. By an adult. Her crime?
Looking at a douchebag. She did not try to photograph the douchebag. She did not ask for the douchebag’s autograph. She looked at the douchebag.

She should have known better… douchebags clearly loathe attention…

No. Not really… but whatevs. Jake was at Jar on THURSDAY night – JUNE 21st… in the year 2007. Which was LAST week in the UK (where most of my readers reside).
It’s also LAST WEEK to me (as the weekend = end of the week).


~ by reverendsupreme on June 23, 2007.

41 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Douchebag”

  1. Just because Jake is an actor his dinner should be bothered by someone staring? Reverse the situation, how would you like to be started at while privately dining? It makes one uncomfortable to say the very least. Jake was a patron of Jar just as every other person there, and should have the right to dine in peace, just like everyone else.

    You did leave a little bit of information out of the story, though. With whom, if anyone, was Mr. Gyllenhaal dining?

  2. Generally speaking, when someone stares at me, I stare back. I might smile or wave to snap him or her out of his or her daze. I do not call in the “authorities” for maximum humiliation.

    Also – he’s fucking famous and he knows it. If he doesn’t want to be stared at, he should not have chosen a career that REQUIRES people to stare at him. Goes with the territory.

    To tell you who he was dining with would be an invasion of his precious privacy… no?

  3. There is no reason to believe that any of this is true.

  4. Staring is rude. I am sure the the Maitre D’ did not embarrass the woman in front of everyone there. I am sure he/she was discrete. Don’t stare its rude.

  5. Well, yes, from the one side that you described, Jake could have handled things a little less heavy-handed. But, perhaps he felt to acknowledge the woman’s staring any other way would have invited more intrusion and perhaps even a scene. Will not say either way for I was not present, but I do see your point.

    And as to your question, since the story in now posted and is probably being talked about frantically and speculated over to the nth degree, I think privacy is rather a moot point now.

  6. Of course everyone wants to know if Jake was with Austin and he probably was and he knew it would be all over the internet and that is why he was upset.

  7. Jake is a good guy not like most of the lunatics that work in Hollywood. The guy has never embarrassed himself by acting like a fool. I think he handled the situation well. It has to be annoying having someone stare at you while you eat. Maybe he did smile or wave at the lady but maybe she wouldn’t let up and he got annoyed. Plus why is she satraing at some guy when she is having dinner with her husband or date?

  8. That “poor” woman should learn some manners.

  9. “To tell you who he was dining with would be an invasion of his precious privacy… no?”

    Don’t bother – no one in the right mind would believe you.

  10. In the contemporary era, celebrities are constantly photographed by the paps. There is no downtime from the job. Now, actual videos can show a star walking down the street. I imagine the sense of invasion, of constantly being in the camera’s eye or being trapped within someone’s actual eyesight can really be nerve wracking. So I don’t think he is a douche bag.

  11. […] Seriously… Do Not Look At Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s an invasion of his precious, handsome privacy. […]

  12. You are really pathetic reverendsupreme

  13. It’s an invasion of his precious, handsome privacy

    you bet. Maybe you need to find a lady that stares at you over dinner at Jar, not Jake Gyllenhaal

  14. Nicely asking someone to please stop doing something that is making them uncomfortable (or in this case asking an intermediary–walking over to your friend’s table surely would have made more of a scene) is much more polite than childishly turning the behavior back on them. If they don’t get a hint when you ‘stare back’ do you make ugly faces, rev?

  15. As I said, I generally smile or wave… and take it all as a compliment.
    Honestly, I would not have recounted the story if the woman was a jackass.
    She did what any one of you would have done…
    It was on par with a polite triple-take.

    As a spectator with a detached POV (she was not with me)… he was mean and passive-aggressive. Case closed.

  16. Did you relocate Jar to NY, reverendsupreme?
    Because Jake was photographed in NY last week and only came home this monday.
    I doubt he was jetting back to L.A. just so he could be rude – or what you preceive to be rude – to your “friend” in the middle of the week. For one day. Because he was photographed almost every second day in NY.
    Nice try, though.

  17. Oh – did you find a typo?
    It’s Saturday here in Los Angeles. Most of my readers are in the UK, so I tend to alter my time-frame accordingly. In any event… once I get to the weekend, it’s all over.
    Ya know?

    Where are you, super sleuth SAB?

    Here’s more of Jake in LA: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/06/21/jake-gyllenhaal-beverly-wilshire-hotel/

    (don’t stare… it’s rude)

  18. I am in Germany and frankly here the new week starts on monday. As I assume it is in England, too.
    And once again, Jake was in NY the last TWO weeks actually, so did you make another typo? Is it three weeks ago now, instead of two?

  19. Take a pill! How dare you call Jake a douchebag!! You’ve got a lotta nerve. If Jake was uncomfortable to the point of asking his waitress / waiter to intervene, then the lady must have been making him uncomfortable. End of story. Jake has always been kind and gracious and humble, he has never before put on airs, why all-of-a-sudden would he start doing so now? Too bad the lady got reprimanded, but I don’t think Jake was anything but reasonable, she must have been making him uncomfortable for him to do that.

  20. “She did what any one of you would have done…”

    You wish! There are a lot of people who don’t think that acting “REQUIRES people to stare” at actors.

  21. Anon – How dare I…? Because he acted like a douchebag.

    SAB – You have no idea where Jake Gyllenhaal is. You’re in GERMANY. You rely on the word of people such as myself.

    Really, people – HE ACTED LIKE AN ASSHOLE. Accept it and watch THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW.

    I’m done with y’all… for now.

  22. Sorry, but so far we can be sure only that you, reverendsupreme ACTED LIKE AN ASSHOLE – there is no need to call Jake names.

  23. reverendsupreme, there are pictures of him in NY!
    I think I rather rely on those than on the word of some guy who obviously doesn’t like Jake.
    I don’t know what you’re problem with him is, but you can give it up now, he wasn’t in L.A. the last two weeks so you or your “friend” can’t have even seen him at Jar.

  24. Maybe, he is under stress or just so sick of all the hyper focus on his every move that he just reached a type of snapping point where even a look was just over the top.

  25. I smell bullshit. This never happened. Someone has a grudge for some reason.

  26. https://reverendsupreme.wordpress.com/2007/06/23/seriously-do-not-look-at-jake-gyllenhaal/

  27. Ok, um where is this woman’s account of this Jar “douche” behavior by Jake G. We have no first hand account do we. Where you there? Sounds like you weren’t. You sure are eager to put the blame on Jake, but how do we know how far this woman’s staring behvior went. This is a very onesided account and like many have said above, you sound like the douchebag, not Jake.

  28. To set the record straight… I was there. Me. Myself. I.

    Were you?

  29. Fine you say you were there but above you say at t 12:28 am that you weren’t with the woman?

  30. Oh, you changed your post. That’s nice. Now tell me in what country exactly is Thursday already last week when it’s just Saturday?
    Your story sounds more unbelievable with every change you make.

    Were you a third wheel with the couple, btw? Or are you part of the “lovely couple”? Or do you want to change your story again and say that the waitress was screaming through the whole restaurant so loudly that you were able to hear it a few tables away?
    Once again, nice try.

  31. hahahahahahaha! What a crock!! This blogger, rev-whatever her name is, blah blah blah is thick. Jakey is certainly not a douchebag, as the majority of posters have agreed to. And she/he is changing the facts as she/he gets put on the spot. Phah! You’re wasting your time, nobody believes this rediculous hypothesis in the first place. Jake is the epitome of class. He has never been less than a gentleman, so therefore it is highly unlikely that he would be unreasonable as you imply. If he did what you said, obviously there was an excellent reason for doing so. He has never had to take such an action before to anyone’s knowledge. What? Did he suddenly get a personality makeover? I doubt it! Time for you to take your meds.

  32. I think her staring was not as benign as she wants you to believe. I’m white and my young children are African American. I have been in restaurants and been stared at and it isn’t a very comfortable place to be. I’m with Jake.

  33. wow, i think that was a lil shitty of jake to do if this did actually happen. If i was this woman, i wud feel soo horrible about myself. jake prolly gets starred at a lot just cuz of who he is and he shud realize that its normal. maybe he just got fed up cuz it doesn’t seem like something he’d normally do.

  34. You’re right – Jake shouldn’t have called the waitress over to complain. He should just have given the gawker a one-fingered salute.

    Clearly the “lovely couple” (reverendsupreme included) should stick to McDonald’s in future. You’ll be more at home with their clientelle.

  35. I’m starting to believe Jake G is not what he appeares to be. I read a few encounters lately where people say he’s not nice, so i tend to believe this one. Too bad, Jake!

  36. Thank you for the advice, Rev. Supreme! I did what you suggested, accepted Jake can sometimes act like an asshole, just as every human being, and then watched “The Day After Tomorrow” with Jake and Austin Nichols, the same guys you watched at Jar.

  37. i´m also reading encounters where people said that he´s not nice. dating his friend wife while he still try to keep his marriage is also not very kind. so i´m thinking mr.gyllenhaal ain´t a nice boy he´s a bad boy

  38. Too bad some of the fans expect Jake to be at their disposal when they feel like it.

  39. […] and a Douchebag. He might also be a racist… I’m not quite sure. Why was Jake so afraid of Africa? […]

  40. i just stated my opinion.

  41. I think that IF this did indeed happen Jake was trying to do the polite thing. How would you like to be stared at, he knows he gets looks wherever he goes but he was probably feeling uncomfortable and did the right thing. It’s not like he called the cops! He asked the waitress to politely tell them not to look in his direction.

    I’m saying IF this indeed happened because I have my doubts. From the paps following him around and his fans coming up to him on the street asking for photos, he’s been pretty accommodating. But he is a human being like the rest of us and he has a right to ask not to be stared at.

    I love Jake and I think he is a class act. FAR from a douchebag. I can list actors who are. oh one Tom Cruise comes to mind.

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