The Rev Needs A Vacation

So many glorious options… I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to my top two:

1) A taste of Tori Spelling’s “famous red velvet cupcakes” at Chateau La Rue in Temecula:


2) A Yoga Retreat with Sting and Trudie in Tuscany…
“Nine years ago, Sting and I were fortunate enough to discover a beautiful old Tuscan villa, perched amid a never-ending vista of distant hills. Tenuta del Palagio became our home and here we have lived and loved for many glorious summers, escaping to this paradise with our kids and our friends whenever we can. With what we hope is typical Italian hospitality, we throw open our doors to you and trust you will take away memories of Palagio as precious as our own…”

Oh, curses! How will I ever decide?? One is so goofy! The other is so pretentious! Decisions, Decisions…


~ by reverendsupreme on June 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Rev Needs A Vacation”

  1. Tori’s has a guy with a plunger – you never know when you’ll need a plunger.

  2. One thing’s for sure: Sting does NOT do toilets.

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