Part 3: The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans

I upped the ante… for you. Because I love each and every one of you and YOU LOVE ROBBIE WILLIAMS.
(More later… Here are the first SIXTEEN photos I took of LA VALE vs PENMAR… click ’em they get BIGGER!)

Oh My God… Can You Believe It? These photos KICK ASS! Riiiight?

I got MORE Jonny WilkesMORE RobbieMAX BEESLEY… and that guy from “Heroes”




~ by reverendsupreme on June 17, 2007.

6 Responses to “Part 3: The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans”

  1. […] You Like Max Beesley? Well… guess what? HE LIKES ROBBIE WILLIAMS! Here’s Max at La Vale vs. Penmar in Santa Monica, CA on June 16th, in the year […]

  2. […] even believe it… I got more. More? Yes…. MORE. Here’s your Jonny Wilkes + more of your Robbie Williams vs Penmar + Santiago Cabrera (from “Heroes”)… (click ‘em they get […]

  3. Gorgous pictures Rev thanks very much, you are making ALOT of ladies VERY happy 🙂

  4. Thanks dahlin….maawahhh kisses for you…..for posting these pics! 🙂

  5. thanks for the photos!

  6. merci pour les photos

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