John Cusack’s Got What You Need in 2007

Whatever it is… you can find it at a theater near you, played by John Cusack.

Creepy Writer? Look no further than 1408, dropping next week…

High-larious Contract Killer in cahoots with Hilary Duff? Check out War, Inc

Sensitive Single Father? The wait for Martian Child is over this October…

Sensitive Single Father? Cusack covers this territory a 2nd time in Grace Is Gone (also dropping in October)…

As usual, Joan Cusack makes a few appearances in her recurring role as “not John Cusack’s sister.”

This is reminiscent of 2004, the Year of The Law.
Followed by 2005… The Year of The Will.
Who ruled 2006? Do you remember?


~ by reverendsupreme on June 15, 2007.

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