Damon Albarn + Flickr.

WordPress is kind enough to tell me which search terms people use to get to this fine site. Here are a few highlights from today:

black leprechaun, colin farrel plays a gay, john mayer rolex, cavemen pilot, Britney pantsless pics (coming soon!), robbie williams, “damon albarn” flickr, heidi klum nannies 2007, eat my anus.

    “Damon Albarn + flickr.”

This intrigues me. Did this person think he or she would stumble upon Damon Albarn‘s personal flickr photo page? Maybe find some candids of Missy Albarn and Suzi Winstanley? Would she then add Damon as a contact? Would she categorize him as “Friend” or “Family”?

Who the hell would even have photos of Damon Albarn in their flickr photos at all?

The Rev does.
Weird… I know.
So, here you go:

Strange coincidence, innit?
Ask and you shall receive.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Damon Albarn + Flickr.”

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