Daily RW Clip: In Which Robbie Is Overwhelmed (By Love) (…From You)

Mr. Robbie Williams sings Come Undone in this clip.

The Rev is tired.. overwhelmed and undone today.
Tomorrow is a new day, right?

ps – that chick that Robbie’s making out with looks planted to me: she just jumps right back into the crowd. And… she’s skinny.

Maybe she’s just overwhelmed. And super polite. And skinny.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “Daily RW Clip: In Which Robbie Is Overwhelmed (By Love) (…From You)”

  1. lol Rev, i’d hate to spend a day in your head….. sounds like hard work to me.

    Fantastic clip

    I’d like to say all us Robbie Williams fans were skinny but seeing as my arse would strongly disagree i think i’ll shut up now 😀

  2. Don’t worry about it – despite delusions to the contrary, nobody else takes any notice of what comes out of your arse! 😀

  3. Fantastic clip thanks for thinking about us Rev 🙂

  4. Oh, Shell – what can I say, sometimes I like to express myself via the Daily RW clip. Or… interpretive dance.
    You’re welcome, Julie. Thanks for stopping by.
    Jess – How can you be so sure?

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