I Actually Watched the “Cavemen” Pilot

I did. I can’t believe it either.
Here’s the basic idea: Caveman = Black Man.
I kid you not. Every single stereotype is addressed. There is even a “Soul Train” reference.
I am too stunned to elaborate further. I think I might be offended, but I’m not sure.
As if a TV show based on a series of Geico commercials wasn’t strange enough…

Add a dash of caveman and a heaping teaspoon of racial profiling.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 10, 2007.

6 Responses to “I Actually Watched the “Cavemen” Pilot”

  1. Was the pilot broadcasted and I missed it? It doesn’t appear on GEICO.com

  2. I have a screener. It was not broadcast.

  3. Once I heard this was set in my hometown of Atlanta, I knew this was exactly how it would play out.

    All Southerners = Racists

  4. Are you serious? “Caveman = Black Man” Why? If you’re serious then I have to go vomit.

  5. I am serious. Imagine a show about some black dudes trying to fit into the white man’s world. Instead of casting black actors – cast white guys and put caveman makeup on them. Proceed as planned.

  6. […] NOT OK! I’ve said it before: I don’t care if you’re on a pilot about Cavemen, or you happen to be Michael Richards, or if you’re Angelina Jolie: NO! BLACKFACE = NO! […]

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