The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans: PART 2

Who *exactly* opened up their big, fat, bloggy mouth and told everyone in Los Angeles about Robbie Williams and his soccer/footie team, LA Vale (featuring Jonny Wilkes) and where they play and when?
Oh, wait… Our bad.
That would be Robbie Williams. And… uhhhh… ME.

Thus, this was a dismal experience for The Rev. See below:

Don’t get me wrong… Robbie won. woo HOOOOOO!
But, I walked onto the pitch about 4 minutes before the game began… later than I planned… and just as Robbie was practicing a kick… straight at my head.
I should have turned around and left.
Alas, I love you people.
I post these photos only to remind you that The Rev keeps all promises.
They are awful photos. Taken with love, but still quite awful.

ps – next game will be better. A legit friend of mine just happens to be RW’s opponent. Better timing… better seats.

pps – here’s our Daily RW vid in anticipation of the next game:


~ by reverendsupreme on June 8, 2007.

17 Responses to “The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans: PART 2”

  1. Thanks for the update and pictures from all at Pure Robbie πŸ™‚

  2. xoxo Pure Robbie – next week’s photos will be better. I feel like I let the rest of the world down. Lots of unwanted paparazzi there… they probably got grrreeaatt photos! I didn’t. The Rev is sad. Happy for Rob, tho’

  3. Thanks for keeping your promises. We love the pictures and the updates. xxx

  4. The Rev promises to reign supreme.

  5. Wonderful pics! THANKS A LOT πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you so much for the photos. They are great!
    You seem to be a very nice and funny man.
    Do you like any of Robbie’s music?

    Have a nice day!

  7. Did Robbie really kick you in the head with the ball?
    (Or is it the language barrier?)

  8. Thanks heaps for the pics and updates….much appreciated

  9. thanks for all the pictures.
    its always good to see men in shorts-especially robbie williams-lol!

  10. What happened to you, Rev? Did you really get the feeling you were being persecuted? 😦

    The Mafia appreciate you sharing your thoughts and photos with us, but we don’t want them at any cost, ie personal injury or affront to your good self!

  11. The pics are great Rev, hope your head is OK 😦 thanks very much from everyone at Robbie WIlliams Obsessed πŸ™‚

  12. […] The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans: PART 2 Who *exactly* opened up their big, fat, bloggy mouth and told everyone in Los Angeles about Robbie Williams and his […] […]

  13. […] Rev is feeling better. Life is once again […]

  14. Thank you, all. The Rev is feeling better.
    Chrissie – I just want to deliver GREAT photos for all of you who cannot be there to witness the funtimes in person.
    Marianne – As my bionic eye was trained on Rob immediately, I saw the ball coming… and avoided harm.
    Also – are you sure The Rev is male?
    Also – I actually own every RW album. “Sing When You’re Winning” is probably my favorite.

  15. […] More Sensitive Side To The Rev. Many of you have asked, “Hey Rev, do you actually like Robbie Williams?” Some of you have added, “Hey Rev, you seem like a nice and funny […]

  16. thanks for the pix! they’re not THAT awful hahaha…and besides, pictures of grown men in shorts are always good!

  17. Thanks, Cat. Check out The Things I Do For You…parts 3, FOUR and FIVE.
    I redeemed myself.

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