Christmas Comes Early This Year!!!!


Guess who’s back in jail?!?!

Oh, my friends, it gets better…not only is this walking STD going back to jail, but she’s gonna have to serve out her FULL 45 day sentence.



Word on the street is that the “medical” reason for letting her out was…wait for it…

She had a serious outbreak of ASS HERPES!

Karma is fo’ reals kids…

I am happy to note that this will cut down on the gossip blog postings about her. Ours included. Hopefully this shameful period in American “entertainment” is now over.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Christmas Comes Early This Year!!!!”

  1. That picture is just too good not to comment on.


    Silly little cow. I’ve gone from feeling shit, to feeling nothing. That is an improvement.

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  3. Welcome, Vanessa. As we all know — driving drunk is moronic. Especially when your empire easily provides for a driver.

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