Robbie Williams Insanity: Millenium

If one more American emails me re: my Super Saturday With Robbie Williams with the words, “I loved that song he sang,” I am going to move to London.
The Rev will leave the continental United States.

1) It’s called Millenium….

2) Robbie Williams is probably the biggest popstar in the world. He is not a “one hit wonder.” Abre los ojos, Estados Unidos… the rest of the world is hep to this intel.

3) Logic should dictate that I would not go out and take photos of “that British guy who sang that one song before the year 2000, about the year 2000.” If I did, I would not post them on a blog. If I did, the rest of the globe would not care. But, I did and they do, so figure it out… or, assume there is something you don’t know about “that British guy.” (see #2)

4) Both Feel and Let Me Entertain You were the core songs behind a few years of US HBO marketing. He also sang Have You Met Miss Jones? for BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY and Beyond The Sea for FINDING NEMO. You know this guy.

5) Take That. Anybody? Anyone?

6) xin_270304280956253361813.jpg

Yeah… that guy.

In conclusion… above, please find your daily RW clip. This one’s for the US “fans.”


~ by reverendsupreme on June 7, 2007.

3 Responses to “Robbie Williams Insanity: Millenium”

  1. Amen.

  2. I testify from time to time….

  3. […] versus Celtic this week. No Robbie – he’s at the Concert For Diana (possibly reuniting with Take That). That doesn’t mean I love LA Vale or the Jonny Wilkes fans of the world any less… […]

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