If You Can’t Do The Time, Don’t Do The Crime (Unless You’re a Celebrity) : Fuck You Paris Hilton

Paris In Jail

After serving a total of 3 entire days in the clink, Paris Hilton is a free woman.

I can’t say I’m shocked at this turn of events, but I am fucking disgusted. This cheap whore not only repeatedly broke the law and refused to take personal responsibility for her actions (sorry honey, but holding a few books about self-improvement does not a good person make), but she was rewarded first by having her 45 day sentence cut to 23 days and now being released after 3?!?!?!

At the very least it makes me feel good on the inside to know that this wonk-eyed talentless piece of trash (I’m talking about Paris Hilton), was properly humiliated in public by Sarah Silverman – please see below

What the fuck is our world coming to?  I will make you a promise my good readers, when I become ridiculously famous I will constantly break the law by doing increasingly horrible things, just to find out exactly how far one must go in order to be punished for their actions as a celebrity. I am willing to bet that I can probably get up to the point where I can kill and eat 2 of Angelina’s adopted babies before the law gets “serious” with me.

Until then, if you’re a celebrity in LA and get in hot water with “the man”, rest easy knowing that, like Steven Seagal, you are Above the Law.

p.s. A note to anyone who identifies themselves as a Paris Hilton”fan” – suicide is always an option.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 7, 2007.

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