Countdown To Robbie Williams Insanity…

Thursday draws near, people. In the meantime, here’s your daily RW clip:

There are 3 things that kill me about “Rudebox”
1) The definition of “Rudebox” can be adapted to fit any rhyme that Robbie chooses.
Perhaps it’s more of a state of mind?
2) The “Shake your Playtex” line (wrecks me everytime).
3) It’s basically an ad for Adidas.

I’ll be sure to rock three stripes and shake my Playtex on Thursday.
Aint that right, Boo?


~ by reverendsupreme on June 6, 2007.

One Response to “Countdown To Robbie Williams Insanity…”

  1. Hi Rev, I’m Julie, one of the site owners at Robbie Williams Obsessed with Chrissie and Karen. Just wanted to say you have a great site here, really enjoying having a look round. Thanks very much for sharing all you lovely pics with us and for linking us. Enjoy the game tomorrow 🙂

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