Robbie Williams: You Have an INCREDIBLE Fanbase.

[Snark: OFF… momentarily]
The Reverend Supreme would like to thank each and every one of you – especially those of you who commented on this fine blog – for stopping by to take a look at my Saturday afternoon with LA Vale. You’re welcome here anytime.

I am glad you enjoyed looking at the photos. I enjoyed taking them. Further, I am totally overwhelmed by the response they are getting. Not simply the quantity, but the quality: Not one response has been nasty or even remotely negative. All of you seem legitimately overjoyed to see this man – an oft troubled soul – running around and having fun.
I was, too.

So, Robbie (yeah, you)… The next time you are feeling that nagging feeling (the self-destructive one full of anxiety and self-hatred), remember that there are literally thousands (millions, actually) of people who adore you. Just as you are. On the pitch. No shuck and jive required. No act at all.

Do NOT “Go Lohan,” my man. If you do, I personally promise each and every one of your fans that I will HUNT YOU DOWN and show you “The Light.” That’s the price you pay for being easy to find in Los Angeles.

In parting (this particular weekend), I leave you all with one of my favorite videos… the video that the movie, “Blades of Glory” hoped to be:

ps – hell yeah… I’m gonna go to another game. You know this, man!

pps – re: Snark… GAME ON!


~ by reverendsupreme on June 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “Robbie Williams: You Have an INCREDIBLE Fanbase.”

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