The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans

1) I promised you photos of Robbie Williams playing footie/soccer
2) I promised that I would “Play Nice.”
No Robbies were harmed during the taking of these photos:

People… I keep my promises.
I even took a few shots of RWBFF Jonathan Wilkes. One is posted.
Who Loves You?

ps – Robbie won.


~ by reverendsupreme on June 3, 2007.

28 Responses to “The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans”

  1. HOT. Did he save any babies while you were there?

  2. You’re a star, thankyou

  3. Liza – I have a few more pics of RW and Wilkes if you’d like for purerobbie. Happy to share…

    Fung – funny you should mention that… he did. He’s quite the hero 🙂

  4. That would be great. I gave the link to the site manager. You could send them to her at

    Did you enjoy the game?

  5. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. You’ll be making alot of fans happy today. Lovin the blog, added to my faves.

  6. Great photos thanks. As a member I appreciate them. Would like to go to another game sometime. Went to the one in Iowa. Please keep us in mind with more photes.xxxxxxx

  7. I shall do my best to hit up Thursday’s game. xoxo The Rev

  8. Pure Robbie is like mafia!

  9. Gish… ya know what? They ARE! It’s like an RW taskforce of awesomeness. I picture those chicks who ran Angelina’s agency in Mr & Mrs Smith.

  10. lol not quite, but you know not to mess 🙂

  11. Wah…thx for all this great pics:)

  12. Great photos !!! Thanks !!!

  13. Thx so mucg for those wonderful pics 🙂

  14. Mafia perhaps but in a nice way.

  15. do you mind posting all the shots you’ve done of Jonny Wilkes? Would be really really great!

  16. Will do…

  17. […] It Sum More Because you asked so nicely (scared me into submission)… I give you more of Robbie Williams playing footie on June 2nd. I give you more of RWBFF Jonathan Wilkes, too. I even give you one of the heir apparent, Mickey […]

  18. Wait. Shut the fuck up. Did you take these yourself? Wait. Shut the fuck up. Are you serious?

  19. Yes, Baub, Yes, I did. And please do not reveal my secret identity. It is crucial to the mission that my cover not be blown.

  20. THX for the great pix…and there is a great review of the game from a fan on

  21. Wow..amazing pics!
    Thanx a lot!

  22. […] The Things I Do For You Robbie Williams Fans 1) I promised you photos of Robbie Williams playing footie/soccer… [image] 2) I promised […] […]

  23. […] momentarily] The Reverend Supreme would like to thank each and every one of you – especially those of you who commented on this fine blog – for stopping by to take a look at my Saturday afternoon with LA Vale. […]

  24. Thanks a lot for new pics !!! You’re amazing !!! 🙂

  25. I think that Robbie Williams is wearing Germany’s shirt in this particular picture. I wonder which football club is he into?
    ARSENAL maybe !

  26. Thanks so much. Don’t we all love him. That dude rocks. One of my fav Brit. Yeah!!!!

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  28. […] Williams Insanity: Millenium If one more American emails me re: my Super Saturday With Robbie Williams with the words, “I loved that song he sang,” I am going to move to London. Forever. The […]

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