I Am A Sentient Machine (boombox, perhaps) Able To Transform and Kill: Michael Bay

You can go to Michael Bay’s site and see his new Transformers shit for yourself… IF YOU DARE.
I warn you:
It’s the DEVIL’S BLOG! [You have been warned.]
1) Megatron has pointy teeth:megatronsteeth1.jpg
2) There’s a hot chick in the movie. She is, apparently, hotter than transforming cars (based on the number of photos of her).
3) Sanshia‘s still in it.
4) There’s some fucked up rehash of that animal cracker bullshit from Armageddon.
Except it’s on the hood of a TRANSFORMER. I hate the photo too much to post it. Godspeed…
you’ll find it.


~ by reverendsupreme on May 11, 2007.

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