Wendell Baker: You Make Film Crews (and my eyes) Cry

Once upon a time, I worked on a film in Texas. A good portion of our crew had just come off of a film called “The Wendell Baker Story” and they were none too pleased. It seems this Wendell Baker had stiffed them. Wendell Baker actually ran off in the middle of the night, owing a lot of people a lot of paychecks.
Now, I don’t know what came of Wendell’s debt to society, but I do know this: my Texas movie, which shot AFTER Wendell Baker Story, came out in October of 2004. That’s nearly three years ago. I just saw a poster for WBS today (it’s now May of 2007). wendellbaker.jpg
It’s probably the lamest poster ever concocted.
Based on the poster, I assume the premise is: That Girl From GhostRider gets double-teamed by the Wilson Brothers while That Black Guy Who Crashed The Enzo smirks in the background.
The movie is clearly doomed. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and post my box office report for the weekend of May 18th, 2007 right now:
Shrek: You Make Wendell Baker Cry. Finally.

UPDATE: Here’s the original photo that some marcom genius enhanced:


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