Hulk on Puny Human Playing Hulk in Upcoming Movie About Hulk


These Are Comments By Hulk’s friends:

You should SMASH him and steal his lovely girlfriend. |Novice|04.16.07 – 1:57 pm|

Is it just me, or is he trying to look like Springsteen in this photo? Come on, Hulk, even if he has puny girly hands and no muscles doesn’t he get some points for tryin’ to look like Bruce? You should know . . . |yaya | 04.16.07 – 8:58 pm |

“HULK SULK! HULK POUT AT PUNY HUMANS!!!” |Jim Treacher |04.17.07 – 1:39 pm|

NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It’s sacrilege!!
I can think of a dozen actors who would do a MUCH better job! Good gravy!
Hulk, you must do something about this! |trollop23| 04.17.07 – 1:39 pm |

Yeah I agree with you about Ed. I think Eric Bana is better than Ed. He is lousy look for Bruce Banner but Eric Bana is better and he play Bruce very well.
Hulk I hope you can talk with the Agent about that or I will ber very angry if I see any not right look You would be angry too right? I bet you will want to smashes stuffs! Hopefully new Hulk movie will be lot better! From your loyal friend Elspeth

You have to admit though, all that makes him a really good candidate for Bruce Banner. |James| 04.18.07 – 8:30 pm |

Ed Norton makes Tom Cruise not so bad. |K. Restoule| 04.19.07 – 11:08 am |

LOL! Very funny! “scratches his butt..” was the funniest! Are you saying that after the big Bana flop they’re giving it another go? Oh, well! If it gets us the rest of the original 1978 series, let’s suffer thru another flop! 😉 | Lee | 04.22.07 – 8:41 am |

ED IS PLAYING HULK? Is this a late april fools joke? I think we should be told.
mr null | 04.24.07 – 4:50 pm |

I write about you: Felix | 04.25.07 – 12:10 am |

Why they making another Hulk movie? Me not understand. Me confused. Confused and get angry. Is because Hulk with Eric Banaa suck? Why? Eric Banaa is good as Hulk. Why make another Hulk. Okay, me never saw first Hulk, because look stupid. But okay, make another Hulk. Not mad so much now that thinking clearly. First Hulk look stupid. True. Make again! Smaaaash! | notsostrongbutbigmouthedhulkpe |

eric bana was OK … ed will mess things up, just like we ended up with 3-4 characters playing batman.. it ruined the experience |ahmad193 | 05.06.07 |


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