Pony Up For a DRIVER, Miss Hilton

This is where Paris Hilton will be spending 45 days.
In theory.
It’s a $120 million dollar facility.
It’s not even old.
It’s a “prison” with a press release.

From Jenkins/Gales & Martinez:
The Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF) (originally known as the Lynwood Correctional Facility) is a minimum and med-level security (Type I and II) criminal detention center.

The complex consists of three double-tier housing towers, a food service facility, inmate medical center, crafts and operations building, 525 vehicle parking garage and helipad and offices for the Los Angeles District Attorney, the Public Defender, probation, superior courts, marshal services and counseling and psychiatric services.

CRDF has become the main facility providing educational, motivational and rehabilitative services to those inmates involved in “recovery” programs.

Sorry peeps — no shank/shiv action here.

Update: Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced to 90-days at the same jail and was let go after 2 hours due to overcrowding.


~ by reverendsupreme on May 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pony Up For a DRIVER, Miss Hilton”

  1. I had to sit in jail for my driving ticket so she better have to stay her full term as well….i’ll be sooooo pissed if she gets out even one hour less than 45 days…and I wont be staying at any hilton hotels ever again either the way these spoiled ungrateful people act.

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